Mozambique security

Visa-Free Entry for European Passport Holders

Starting from May 1, 2023, you can explore the wonders of Mozambique without worrying about visa requirements. As an European passport holder traveling to this stunning African country on a normal passport for tourism or business purposes within a maximum stay of 30 days, you are now exempted from obtaining visas.

Simply register yourself at www.evisa.gov.mz no later than two days before departure date. The registration fee is only around €10 (650 Meticais). Additionally, make sure that you have proof of accommodation arrangements and return flight tickets ready upon arrival by air.

If travelling for non-tourism or non-business purposes, or if staying for a period of over 30 days, European passport holders require a visa to enter Mozambique.  

Attention all travelers! It is strongly recommended that you avoid any trips to Cabo Delgado province and specific areas of Nampula in northern Mozambique. The reason being an ongoing violent insurgency, where local civilians and security forces have been subjected to armed attacks since October 2017.

"Stay Safe and Prepared: Essential Travel Tips for Coastal Regions!" 

It is advisable to take notice of general travel advice when visiting coastal regions, especially during the rainy season, which spans from late October through April. Some coastal areas are susceptible to cyclones that bring about extremely strong winds and heavy downpours. Therefore, it's crucial for travelers to exercise caution by staying abreast with weather updates before embarking on any journey along these vulnerable zones.

Restricted travel to Cabo Delgado province 

It is advised that all travel to Cabo Delgado province's districts of Mueda, Nangade, Palma, Mocimboa da Praia, Muidumbe Meluco Macomia Quissanga and Ibo including their surrounding islands should be avoided due to recent attacks carried out by groups affiliated with Islamist extremism. Additionally, it is recommended that only essential travel take place in other areas within Cabo Delgado Province as similar threats exist there too. Please note that direct flights between Maputo and Palma town are not available at this time; therefore road trips should also be postponed for safety reasons.