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Beira International Airport, serves as the main aviation gateway to the central coast of Mozambique. Conveniently located around 10-12 kilometers from the heart of Beira, which is both the capital of the Sofala Province and Mozambique's second-largest city, the airport offers an easy and quick drive of about 15-20 minutes to the city center.

Although Beira International Airport might not be as large as other major international airports, it delivers essential amenities and services to passengers. Travelers can expect basic facilities such as a waiting area, restrooms, and a selection of shops and cafes for picking up last-minute items or enjoying a quick bite before their flight.

For those continuing their journey within Mozambique, Beira International Airport also offers flights to smaller cities and popular tourist sites, such as Quelimane, Nampula, and Tete, amongst others. The connectivity provided by BEW allows travelers the opportunity to explore the region's diverse landscapes, from bustling cities to serene coastal resorts.

Beira airport code

The Beira airport code is :  BEW

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Location of Beira airport:

Beira Airport, known by its airport code as BEW, is located in the city of Beira, which is the capital of Sofala Province in Mozambique. The airport is situated near the coast of the country, providing access to the central region of Mozambique and serving as a key transportation hub for both domestic and international travelers looking to reach the regions surrounding Beira, which is the second-largest city in Mozambique after the capital, Maputo.

Beira Airport (BEW) is located relatively close to the city center of Beira. The distance is approximately 10-12 kilometers (about 6-7.5 miles), depending on the exact location within the city center you are trying to reach. Under normal traffic conditions, the travel time by car or taxi from Beira Airport to the city center typically takes around 15-20 minutes.

Landing at Beira airport

Main routes from and to Beira airport *

If you're flying from Beira Airport (BEW), you have a selection of routes to choose from. The most frequent flights head to Maputo (MPM) with 19 flights per week. Johannesburg (JNB) is the second most common route with 8 flights per week. If you're looking to venture to Addis Ababa (ADD), there are 5 flights every week for you. For those traveling to Quelimane (UEL) or Nampula (APL), there are 2 weekly flights to each of these destinations. Additionally, there's a weekly flight to both Vilanculos (VJB) and Tete (TET) each. These routes offer varied options for travelers looking to explore Mozambique and beyond.

* Data from 2024

Travelling distance to Beira airport:

- Chimoio Airport (VPY / FQCH) is the nearest, at a distance of 167 kilometers.

- Vilankulo Airport (VNX / FQVL) is 251 kilometers away.

- Quelimane Airport (UEL / FQQL) is located 299 kilometers from Beira.

- Tete Airport (TET / FQTT) is a bit further afield, at 432 kilometers.

- Harare International Airport (HRE / FVRG) is 452 kilometers from Beira.

- Inhambane Airport (INH / FQIN) is situated 457 kilometers away.

- Blantyre Airport (BLZ / FWCL) is roughly the same distance from Beira at 458 kilometers.

- Xai-Xai Airport (VJB / FQXA) is 597 kilometers away.

Travellers opinion about Beira airport

Travelers have had mixed experiences at Beira International Airport. On the positive side, the airport staff are often complimented for their friendliness and helpfulness, indicating a warm atmosphere upon arrival and departure. The compact size of the airport is also noted for adding to the accessibility and convenience. Several visitors have appreciated the existence of restaurants and souvenir shops near the airport, and highlighted the organized, comfortable environment and the ease of check-in procedures.

On the down side, some passengers have pointed out that the airport is in need of an urgent renovation, mentioning that it lacks the comfort expected at an international airport. There are reports of issues such as lack of air conditioning throughout the facilities, which can be a concern in the warm climate of Mozambique. Travelers have also mentioned cleanliness as a negative aspect, with one remarking the airport as "small and dirty."

Accessibility for individuals with disabilities has been raised as a concern, highlighting the absence of barrier-free entrances for wheelchair users or those on crutches. Additionally, there have been reports of serious incidents, such as theft from checked luggage, and some visitors have expressed dissatisfaction with the way complaints are handled by the airport authorities.

Furthermore, operational issues like flight delays with certain airlines have been noted, and passengers have shared experiences of having to wait for services like visa processing upon arrival. Nonetheless, the airport seems to be evolving, with some travelers mentioning ongoing improvements and the introduction of free Wi-Fi being a significant step forward.

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