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Climate and Average Temperatures in Maputo (Farenheit)

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Climate and Average Temperatures in Maputo (Celsius).

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Weather in Maputo, Mozambique: A Simple Guide

Year-Round Warmth in Maputo

Maputo is a place where the sun smiles on you nearly all the time, and summer clothing is a go-to choice. Even though it has a warm, humid summer with some rain, don't worry, you'll still enjoy plenty of clear, sunny days. Temperatures are typically cosy, ranging between 16°C at the coolest and 29°C at the peak. It's a rare day when the mercury dips below 14°C or soars above 33°C.

Optimal Time for Hot-Weather Fun

Fancy some sunbathing or a dip in the water? Plan a trip from late January to late May. During this window, Maputo's weather is ideal for anyone wanting to enjoy outdoor activities in the warmth.


Detailed Weather Breakdown for Maputo

Maputo's Warm Season

Mid-December to the end of March is when you feel the warmth the most. Days will often be warmer than 28°C. In January, which is usually the hottest month, day temperatures average 29°C and nights a milder 23°C.

Maputo's Cool Season

Between early June and mid-August, the weather is slightly cooler—perfect for those who aren't fans of the heat. The temperature rarely gets above 24°C. July, the coolest month, offers comfortable days at around 23°C and cool nights that can drop to 16°C.

Maputo offers warm, serene weather across two distinct periods: the sunny yet humid season followed by a breezy, dry spell. Regardless of when you decide to visit, this vibrant city welcomes you with open arms and open skies, ready for you to enjoy its many charms.

Understanding Rainfall in Maputo 

Maputo's Rain Patterns

In Maputo, a day is considered 'wet' if we get at least a tiny bit of rain – that's about 1.00 millimeter. Now, how often it rains here can really change with the seasons.

When Is It Rainy?

The time of the year when it's more likely to rain lasts from around October 22 to April 8. During these months, the odds that any day will be rainy is more than 23%. If we had to pick the rainiest month, it'd be January – with typically a bit over 12 days when you'll want to keep an umbrella handy.

Dry Spells in Maputo

On the flip side, there are months when rain is a rare guest. The dry spell stretches from April 8 to October 22. In August, for instance, you'll see very few rainy days, averaging just under 2 days.

Types of Rainy Days

Sometimes it's important to note the kind of rainy days we have. In Maputo, you can forget about snow – it's all about the rain. Again, January comes out on top with around 12 days of rain and no snow. This makes sense because, in this part of the world, rain is really the only type of precipitation you'll see.

Across the year, rain is pretty much the only game in town when it comes to precipitation. The probability hits its highest around January 22, with a 41% chance that any rainfall will happen on that particular day. So when planning your visit, remember that January is pretty much the peak of the rainy season in Maputo.