Mozambique Ponta de Ouro

Ponta do Ouro is a beautiful coastal town located in the southernmost part of Mozambique, about 120 km from Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. The town is accessible by car, with a road leading from Maputo to Ponta do Ouro that takes around two to three hours.

The town is known for its beaches and clear waters, which offer a range of water activities, including swimming, fishing, snorkeling, and diving. The waters are home to a variety of marine life, including dolphins, whales, and sea turtles, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Find your accommodation in Ponta Douro

  1. MoZbevok - Coconut View Resort
  2. Mar da Zoë
  3. Mamoli Beach Camp
  4. White Pearl Resorts
  5. Mamoli Beach Estate
  6. Aloha Beach Estate
  7. Baleia Azul 26
  8. Baleia Azul Estate
  9. Fredericos Bay
  10. Tembe lodge
  11. Hotel Phaphalati Resort
  12. Wakene Beach Estate
  13. Mar Azul Estate
  14. Malongane Beach Resort
  15. Ponta Malongane Dive Camp
  16. Sky Island Resort
  17. Golden Beach Village
  18. Sunrise Beach Lodge
  19. Nkumbe Mozambique
  20. Nkhosho Eco Resort
  21. Dream Beach self catering lodge
  22. Ponta Massala - Casa de Praia, Ponta do Ouro
  23. Ponta Do Ouro Kuusamo Holiday Resort
  24. Dolphines and Dunes Beach House
  25. Teja Beach Resort
  26. Fernando's Sun Seekers Camp
  27. 2Y Accomodation
  28. KayaKwerho
  30. Vilamoura beach house and apartments
  32. Skylight Beach House
  33. Residencial Cajutes
  34. Casa Cinza
  35. Paraiso do Ouro Resort Beach Front
  36. N'kanhe Lodge
  37. Krymas acomodation
  38. Nkanhe Self Catering
  39. Coco Rico Resort
  40. Boungaville Sol Guest House
  41. Ponta Mar Resort
  42. Ponta Mar Resort
  43. DEVOCEAN Eco Adventure Lodge
  44. Coco Cabanas
  45. Ponta beach guest house
  46. Paraiso ouro
  47. Acomodação na Ponta D'ouro
  48. Beach Chalets
  49. Self Catering Ntsuty Ponta do Ouro
  50. Léo Mar
  51. Shades of Green
  52. Sea Breeze
  53. Ponta Do Ouro Various Accommodation
  54. Ocean View Ponta
  55. SEA-esta do Ponta
  56. Ntsuty - Cottage at Ponta
  57. Casa do Farol
  58. Anexo Da Paulinha
  59. D Jozi House, fun for kids
  60. Lar Do Ouro
  61. Gamboozini Lodge
  62. Skinny Dip Luxury Home
  63. Baleia Vista Seaview Homes
  64. Baleia À Vista
  65. Ponta huis
  66. Carlos Self Catering
  67. Buluwua
  68. Gala Gala Eco Resort
  69. White Shark Resort
  70. Ponta Apart Hotel
  71. The first house accommodation
  72. Vila Grande Hotel, Ponta do Ouro
  73. Ponta sunset view
  74. Camp-a-biki