Mozambique Gurue

Welcome to Gurue - a town located in the North of Mozambique in the Zambezia Province. Gurue is known for its tea production and beautiful landscape. Mount Namuli, the second highest peak in Mozambique, dominates the skyline. The temperate climate and ideal conditions for growing tea make Gurue a must-visit destination.The main road runs through the centre of the town towards the town square and is separated by an island of green lawn, small shrubs and lamp posts that light the street at night. The road is lined with local shops which offer a range of supplies, including a hardware, clothing and grocery store, and ATM and bank. The local market sells everything from bicycles to colourful plastic containers and a selection of fresh produce and poultry.

Mount Namuli  is a must-see for any nature lover! With its granite rock face and 2419 metre-high peak, it's no wonder it's considered one of the leading hiking spots. The terrain is dotted with ravines, waterfalls and streams, providing an exceptional abundance of birdlife. The summit rewards you with stunning views

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