Mozambique border posts

Entry into the country must be through officially designated border posts, where foreign nationals are subject to immigration procedures by the relevant authorities, among other legal requirements. 

Officially designated border posts from Mozambique

These are the designated border posts where a Border Visa can be granted for entry into Mozambique.

Border Visa Issuance Authorized Posts:

1. City of Maputo:

- Maputo International Airport Crossing Post

2. Maputo Province:

- Ressano Garcia Crossing Post

- Namaacha Crossing Post

- Ponta de Ouro Crossing Post

- Goba Crossing Post

3. Gaza Province:

- Chicualacuala Crossing Post

- Giryondo Crossing Post

- Pafuri Crossing Post

4. Inhambane Province:

- Vilanculos Aerodrome Crossing Post

- Inhambane Aerodrome Crossing Post

5. Sofala Province:

- Beira International Airport Crossing Post

6. Manica Province:

- Machipanda Crossing Post

- Espungabera Crossing Post

- Chimoio Aerodrome Crossing Post

7. Tete Province:

- Tete City Aerodrome Crossing Post

- Cuchamano Crossing Post

- Cassacatiza Crossing Post

- Calomue Crossing Post

- Songo Aerodrome Crossing Post

- Zobwé Crossing Post

8. Zambezia Province:

- Quelimane Aerodrome Crossing Post

- Melosa Crossing Post

9. Nampula Province:

- Nampula International Airport Crossing Post

10. Niassa Province:

- Mandimba Crossing Post

- Lichinga Aerodrome Crossing Post

11. Cabo Delgado Province:

- Pemba Aerodrome Crossing Post

- Mocimboa da Praia Aerodrome Crossing Post

Map of Officially designated border posts from Mozambique

  1. intl. Airport Maputo
  2. Ressano Garcia
  3. Namaacha Border Post
  4. Ponta do Ouro
  5. Goba Border Post
  6. Sango / Chiqualaquala Border Post
  7. Giriyondo Border Post (ZA)
  8. Saps Pafuri
  9. aerodrome Vilankulo
  10. Inhambane Airport
  11. Airport Beira
  12. Machipanda Border Post
  13. Espungabera Border Post
  14. Aeroporto de Chimoio
  15. Tete City Aerodrome
  16. Cassacatiza Crossing Post
  17. Posto de Travessia de Calomué
  18. Airport Songo
  19. Zobwé Crossing Post
  20. AirportQuelimane
  21. Aeroporto de Nampula
  22. Posto Fronteiriço de Mandimba
  23. Lichinga airport
  24. Airport Pemba
  25. Mocímboa da Praia Airport

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