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Location of Xai Xai -  Capital of Gaza Province
Location of Xai Xai - Capital of Gaza Province

Xai Xai Factsheet

Xai-Xai is the capital city of Gaza Province, located in the southern region of Mozambique, notable for its distinctive culture and proximity to the coast.

Location: The city is perched on the Limpopo River, about 12 kilometers from the Indian Ocean coastline. Xai-Xai is positioned at approximately 25.04° S latitude and 33.64° E longitude.

Climate: Xai-Xai features a tropical climate with a hot, rainy season from October to March and a cooler, dry season from April to September. The city's climate sees average temperatures ranging from 19°C to 29°C.

Brief Historical Background and Status as the Capital: Formerly known as João Belo, Xai-Xai has a history intertwined with the Limpopo river valley, serving both as a market for local goods and as a colonial administrative center. Since Mozambique's independence, it has remained the capital of Gaza Province.

Population Size: With a population around 116,000, Xai-Xai is both a bustling urban center and a vibrant provincial capital with growth driven by urbanization and economic opportunity.

Main Economic Activities and Industries: Xai-Xai's economy is traditionally based on agriculture, with rice and cashew being notable crops. Additionally, the city's role as a trade and transport hub, along with fishing due to its riverine and coastal access, significantly contributes to its economy.

Transportation Networks and Utilities: Transport infrastructure in Xai-Xai includes a network of roads, notably the EN1 highway connecting it to Maputo and the northern parts of the country. Utilities are continually improving with investments in water, electricity, and communications.

Key Infrastructure Points: Ports, Airports, Roads: Xai-Xai does not have a major port or airport, but it is well connected by road. The strategic location along the EN1 highway facilitates access to both the capital city of Maputo and to the north of the country.

Tourist Attractions: The city is known for its beautiful beaches, such as Praia do Xai-Xai, offering opportunities for water sports and relaxation. The natural features of the region, including the Limpopo River and nearby wetlands, also attract ecotourists and adventurers.

Distance to Maputo: Xai-Xai lies about 224 kilometers northeast of Maputo. The journey by road typically takes around 3 to 4 hours, making it reasonably accessible from the capital.

This fact sheet summarizes Xai-Xai as the capital of Gaza Province, highlighting its role as a center for agriculture and trade, its strategic location with good transportation infrastructure, and its potential as a tourist destination due to its natural resources and inviting coastal areas.

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