Driving in Mozambique

When driving in Mozambique, it is essential that you carry the following documents at all times:

  • Personal identification such as a Passport, visa, or authenticated photocopies.
  • A valid driver's license.
  • Vehicle registration document.
  • Valid motor vehicle insurance in the country, which can be obtained at the border if necessary.
  • Temporary importation permit, which is mandatory for trailers, boats, and caravans, also available at the border.

The use of seat belts is mandatory, and your vehicle must be equipped with emergency warning triangles. There are numerous gas stations in urban areas and along main roads. However, when travelling on secondary roads, make sure you have enough fuel to reach your destination.

The road conditions to some provincial towns may depend on the weather. Ensure you gather as much information as possible about the road conditions before setting off on your journey.

Police controls

It is important to recognize the uniforms of the authorities: Civil Police wear grey while Traffic Police have blue and white attire. The Civil Police commonly request to inspect documents, including the passport and validity of the visa or DIRE, especially for foreign residents.

If stopped by the police, being polite and patient can be very helpful. You will always find a suitable solution

What is the mozambique driving side ?

In Mozambique, people drive on the left-hand side of the road.

Things you need to have at Mozambique's land checkpoints when entering with a vehicle 

Driver's license

You can drive in Mozambique with a South African, SADC, or international license. If your license is not in English, it may be advisable to have an English translation

Car registration

If you own the car, you need to bring your registration and license documents (and make copies to keep safe). 

 Vehicle Insurance

If you want to drive a car or tow something which is not registered in Mozambique, you need to get insurance that will help pay for any damage you might cause to other people or their things. You can get this insurance at the border, and it will be good for 30 days. 

Temporary import permit 

If you want to bring your car from another country into Mozambique, you need a special paper called a TIP permit. You can get this paper at the border when you enter Mozambique. Just make sure that the officials stamp it so it's official.

The N1, or National Road  in Mozambique

No. 1, is a vital Mozambican highway that runs from north to south and connects the cities of Pemba and Maputo. With its impressive length of 2477 km, it passes through some of the most populated areas in Mozambique including provincial capitals such as Maputo, Xai-Xai, Maxixe/ Inhambane, Vilanculos , Beira, Quelimane, Nampula and Pemba.

To the north, it continues along the N14, N380 and R762 highways, through which you can access the interior of Cabo Delgado and the far north of Mozambique.To the south, its continuation is given by the N4 highway, by the Catembe-Maputo bridge and by the R403 highway, reaching the extreme south of the nation.[4]ix  

This significant roadway also provides access to all five major ports in the country while serving as a connection point for various railroads like Ressano Garcia, Goba, Limpopo,Machipanda, Sena e Nacala.

Unfortunately, this essential road has been neglected over time due to wars, frequent economic crises which have left it degraded causing accidents and frequent break down of cars, buses and trucks.

Map of Officially designated border posts from Mozambique

  1. intl. Airport Maputo
  2. Ressano Garcia
  3. Namaacha Border Post
  4. Ponta do Ouro
  5. Goba Border Post
  6. Sango / Chiqualaquala Border Post
  7. Giriyondo Border Post (ZA)
  8. Saps Pafuri
  9. aerodrome Vilankulo
  10. Inhambane Airport
  11. Airport Beira
  12. Machipanda Border Post
  13. Espungabera Border Post
  14. Aeroporto de Chimoio
  15. Tete City Aerodrome
  16. Cassacatiza Crossing Post
  17. Posto de Travessia de Calomué
  18. Airport Songo
  19. Zobwé Crossing Post
  20. AirportQuelimane
  21. Aeroporto de Nampula
  22. Posto Fronteiriço de Mandimba
  23. Lichinga airport
  24. Airport Pemba
  25. Mocímboa da Praia Airport