Maputo Beaches

Best beaches near Maputo

Maputo, the thriving capital of Mozambique, is a coastal city adorned with numerous beautiful beaches, combining the charm of their location with unique character and significant cultural history.

  1. Costa do Sol
  2. Inhaca
  3. Marracuene
  4. Catembe
  5. Praia do Bilene
  6. Ponta do Ouro

The Costa do Sol

One can't talk about Maputo's beaches without the renowned Costa do Sol coming to mind. Positioned along the vibrant Avenida Marginal, this beach pulses with life, displaying a stretch of golden sands frequented by sun-seekers. With its rich colonial past signified by the presence of classic hotels and an inviting jetty, Costa do Sol remains steeped in historical grandeur.

Catembe's Tranquil Vista

Just a short ferry ride across from the city, Catembe offers an idyllic reprieve against the backdrop of Maputo's skyline. It's a locale of relaxation, where the rhythms of local life blend harmoniously with the sounds of the gentle waves, offering a panoramic escape etched in the cultural heart of locals.

Inhaca Island's Natural Escape

Inhaca Island, reachable by boat, is a gem with its stunning beaches, flourishing coral reefs, and a nature reserve filled with diverse wildlife. The island is also a guardian of history, featuring an age-old lighthouse that continues to be a pillar of historical intrigue and maritime safety.

Ponta d'Ouro: Wild and Beautiful

Further from the city centre lies Ponta d'Ouro, a paradise for water sport enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. This area is favoured for its soft, golden sands and opportunities for thrilling activities like diving and surfing. Its proximity to marine life, especially dolphins, offers a unique wildlife experience.

Marracuene's Riverside Retreat

Marracuene, located to the north of Maputo, offers a different kind of beach experience along the Incomati River. It is known for its historical Macaneta Beach where the river meets the sea. Rich in history, the area was once a stage for colonial expeditions and battles. Today, it's a perfect spot for those seeking a blend of historical immersion and peaceful exploration. 

Bilene's Serene Beach life

Further up the coast, you'll find the picturesque town of Bilene, boasting the stunning Bilene Beach which fronts the Uembje Lagoon. The lagoon's calm turquoise waters are ideal for safe swimming and water sports, while the charm of the surrounding town adds to the allure of the beach. Its soft, white sands and inviting waters make it an excellent spot for relaxation and family outings..

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