Mozambique Tourist routes 

Blue sea route

The Blue Sea Route is a popular tourist route in southern Mozambique, which follows the coastline between the city of Inhambane and Vilankulo. This route is known for its idyllic beaches, crystal clear waters and cultural attractions.

The route starts in Inhambane, a well-preserved historic town where visitors can see Portuguese colonial architecture and experience the local culture. The city is famous for its salt production and is also an important commercial center.

The next stop on the route is Praia de Tofo and Praia da Barra, which are the most popular in the Inhambane region. The beach is frequented by surfers, divers and tourists in general. The beach is also a place for whale watching, and it is possible to see several species of whales and dolphins during the months of July to September.

Finally, the route takes tourists to Praia de Vilankulo, a coastal town with lovely beaches and a wide variety of attractions, from boat trips to walks through the mangroves. Optional stops can be made at Pomene beach and Morrungulo beach.

Once in Vilankulos visitors can also explore Bazaruto Island, an archipelago located 30 kilometers off the coast, which is home to a national marine park and known for its idyllic beaches and coral reefs. The island is a perfect place for snorkelling, deep-sea fishing and scuba diving. 

Rota do Mar Azul is an excellent option for those looking for paradisiacal beaches and outdoor activities, such as diving, fishing and surfing. In addition, it is an opportunity to get to know the local culture and history, making it a complete trip!