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Location of Inhambane-  Capital of Inhambane Province
Location of Inhambane- Capital of Inhambane Province

Inhambane Factsheet

Inhambane is the capital city of Inhambane Province, located in the southern region of Mozambique and known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and beach resorts.

Location: The city lies on Inhambane Bay along the Indian Ocean coast, nestled on a peninsula that juts out of the mainland. Its coordinates are roughly 23.87° S latitude and 35.38° E longitude.

Climate: Inhambane enjoys a tropical climate with warm weather year-round. Average temperatures range from 20°C to 30°C. The region experiences a rainy season from December to March and a relatively dry season for the remainder of the year.

Brief Historical Background and Status as the Capital: One of the oldest settlements on Mozambique's east coast, trading has been ongoing since at least the 11th century. The Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama landed here in 1498, and the town later became a center for trade and prawn industry. Today, Inhambane is the capital of its namesake province and a cultural hub.

Population Size: With a population of around 65,000, Inhambane maintains a small-town charm despite being an administrative and commercial center.

Main Economic Activities and Industries: The province's economy is driven by agriculture, with products like copra, cashew nuts, and citrus fruits. The city's coastal location also supports a thriving fishing industry. Tourism, based on the spectacular local beaches and marine life, is increasingly significant.

Transportation Networks and Utilities: While the city's infrastructures, such as water and power, are developing, Inhambane is connected to the rest of the province and country via a network of roads and public transportation. The seaside area also facilitates marine and coastal trade.

Key Infrastructure Points: Ports, Airports, Roads: Inhambane has a seaport that manages cargo and provides transport services to Maxixe on the opposite bay side. The Inhambane Airport offers connections to domestic destinations including Maputo. The city is also a point on the EN1 highway that runs through Mozambique.

Tourist Attractions: Inhambane is renowned for its beautiful beaches such as Tofo Beach and Barra Beach, offering diving and spectacular marine life, including manta rays and whale sharks. The city itself possesses charming historical architecture and a laid-back ambiance attracting visitors.

Distance to Maputo: The distance to Maputo from Inhambane is approximately 470 km. A road trip can take around 8-10 hours depending on road conditions, while flights from Inhambane to Maputo take around an hour.

This fact sheet portrays Inhambane as a notable provincial capital marked by its historical significance, economic diversity with a pivot towards tourism, and natural beauty, all contributing to its unique position within Mozambique's national fabric.

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