Maputo international airport code

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If you'replanning for a trip to Mozambique, you'll definitely want to know the airport code for Maputo International Airport - it's "MPM."

A Beginner's Guide to International Airport Codes 

There is a  global standard for identifying airports, developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Each code is a three-letter shortcut that represents the airport you're flying to or from – think of them as little geographical hashtags!

Now, these codes can seem like a random mix of letters, but there's usually a method to the madness. Often, they're derived from the first letters of the city's name or the name of the airport. Like, ATL stands for Atlanta, and LAX for Los Angeles. Sometimes, though, the code might come from an older name for the airport or the surrounding area, which is why they can be a bit confusing!

Understanding these codes is key for us in aviation. They help ensure that baggage ends up in the right place, they make booking flights easier, and they keep the whole worldwide air traffic control system running smoothly.

And guess what? There are over 10,000 of these codes in use today! While you won't need to memorize every single one, you'll get to know the main ones pretty quickly, especially the ones you work with regularly.

Airport codes for various locations within Mozambique  

Here's a handy list of airport codes for various locations within Mozambique :

  • Maputo Airport: IATA: MPM, ICAO: FQMA
  • Aeródromo de Inhaca: (No IATA Code), ICAO: FQIA
  • Bilene Airfield: (Neither IATA nor ICAO Code available)
  • Inhambane Airport: IATA: INH, ICAO: FQIN
  • Vilankulo Airport: IATA: VNX, ICAO: FQVL
  • Aeroporto da Ilha de Benguerra: (No IATA Code), ICAO: FQGB
  • Indigo Bay Lodge Airport: (Neither IATA nor ICAO Code available)
  • Aeroport de l'illa de Bazaruto: (Neither IATA nor ICAO Code available)
  • Beira Airport: IATA: BEW, ICAO: FQBR
  • Chimoio Airport: IATA: VPY, ICAO: FQCH
  • Quelimane Airport: IATA: UEL, ICAO: FQQL
  • Chingozi Airport (also known as Tete Airport): IATA: TET, ICAO: FQTT
  • Songo Airport: (Neither IATA nor ICAO Code available)
  • Ulongwe Airport: (Neither IATA nor ICAO Code available)
  • Cuamba Airport: IATA: FXO, ICAO: FQCB
  • Angoche Airport: IATA: ANO, ICAO: FQAG
  • Nampula Airport: IATA: APL, ICAO: FQNP
  • Nacala Airport: IATA: MNC, ICAO: FQNC
  • Lichinga Airport: IATA: VXC, ICAO: FQLC
  • Marrupa Airport: (Neither IATA nor ICAO Code available)
  • Pemba Airport: IATA: POL, ICAO: FQPB
  • Mueda Airport: IATA: MUD, ICAO: FQMD
  • Mocímboa da Praia Airport: IATA: MZB, ICAO: FQMP

Please note: smaller airfields may not have an assigned IATA code and might not always be listed in international databases. The ICAO codes are more likely to exist as they are used for flight planning and navigation purposes. For more precise information regarding the lesser-known airfields, it is recommended to contact the local aviation authorities or airlines that operate in the area.

Mozambique airports and airfields

Mozambique is served by two principal airports, namely Maputo International Airport and Beira International Airport. Additional airports like Vilankulo Airport, Pemba Airport, and Inhambane Airport provide access to renowned tourist spots. Furthermore, a number of smaller airstrips cater to the transportation needs of regional populations and light aircraft.

  1. airport Maputo
  2. Aeródromo de Inhaca
  3. Bilene Airfield
  4. Inhambane Airport
  5. airport Vilankulo
  6. Aeroporto da Ilha de Benguerra
  7. Indigo Bay Lodge Airport
  8. Aeroport de l'illa de Bazaruto
  9. airport Beira
  10. Aeroporto de Chimoio
  11. airport Quelimane
  12. airport Chingozi
  13. airportSongo
  14. Ulongwe Airport
  15. Cuamba Airport
  16. Flughafen Angoche
  17. Aeroporto de Nampula
  18. airport Nacala
  19. Lichinga airport
  20. Marrupa Airport
  21. airport Pemba
  22. Mueda Airport
  23. Mocímboa da Praia Airport