Nampula airport

The Nampula Airport, located in the northern part of Mozambique, stands as the third largest airport in the country .The Nampula Airport is equipped to handle large aircraft,  thanks to its lengthy runway that stretches out to 2000 meters. This enables it to play a vital role in the transport of goods, providing regional businesses the opportunity to export their products to various parts of the world.

Nampula airport code

The Nampula airport code is : APL 

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Location of Nampua airport:

Nampula Airport (APL), also known as Aeroporto Internacional de Nampula, is approximately 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) from the city center of Nampula. The exact distance can vary slightly depending on the specific route taken and the location within the city center you are trying to reach. It is a relatively short drive and typically takes around 10-15 minutes by car or taxi under normal traffic conditions.

Landing at Nampula airport

Main routes from and to Nampula airport *

Travelers flying from Nampula Airport (APL) have several popular routes at their disposal. The most frequent destination is Maputo (MPM), with 17 flights departing every week. Nairobi (NBO) is the second busiest route, offering 9 flights weekly. This is followed by flights to Vilankulos (VXC), which has 4 flights each week. Johannesburg (JNB), Beira (BEW), and Tete (TET) are serviced by 3 flights per week each. These are all the direct routes available from Nampula Airport, connecting passengers to key cities in Mozambique and beyond.

* Data from 2024

Travellers opinion about Namula airport

Travelers generally have a favorable impression of Nampula Airport, recognizing it as a key gateway to the city and the surrounding region of northern Mozambique, with both domestic and international flights. The airport boasts a modern and well-maintained infrastructure, including a clean and spacious terminal building, neatly organized check-in counters, security checkpoints, and baggage claim areas. Generous seating areas throughout the terminal offer comfortable waiting spaces for passengers.

The check-in process typically proceeds smoothly and is complemented by courteous staff assisting with boarding passes and luggage. Security measures are both thorough and efficient, ensuring traveler safety and convenience. However, during peak travel times such as holidays, minor delays can occur, so arriving ahead of schedule is recommended.

Immigration and customs are standard for international airports, with variability in queue lengths depending on the time of day and flight schedules. Officers conduct checks professionally and efficiently. A range of services and amenities are available, including duty-free shops, retail stores, currency exchange facilities, ATMs, and car rentals. Several dining establishments offer meals and refreshments before flights.

The airport is well connected to the city center and surrounding areas, with taxis available outside the terminal and public transport options providing convenient access. The parking facilities accommodate both short-term and long-term needs.

Airport staff, including security personnel, airline representatives, and customer service workers, are generally polite and helpful, providing a positive experience for travelers passing through.

While the overall experience at Nampula Airport is positively characterized by efficient operations and helpful staff, some issues have been reported. such as the high prices at the airport restaurant and a need for better maintenance of facilities such as restrooms and the availability of flight information displays.

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