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Location of Pemba  -  Capital of Cabo Delgado Province
Location of Pemba - Capital of Cabo Delgado Province

Pemba Factsheet

Pemba is the capital city of Cabo Delgado Province, which is situated in the northern region of Mozambique and is known for its rich natural resources.

Location: Situated on the southern side of the world's third-largest natural bay, Pemba Bay, Pemba boasts a key geographic position along the Indian Ocean coast, at approximately 12.97° S latitude and 40.52° E longitude.

Climate: Pemba experiences a tropical savanna climate. Temperatures are consistently warm throughout the year, ranging from 22°C to 31°C, with significant humidity. It has a wet season from December to April and a dry season from May to November.

Brief Historical Background and Status as the Capital: Established by the Portuguese as "Porto Amélia" in 1904, Pemba retained its original name until Mozambique's independence in 1975 when it was renamed. As the provincial capital, Pemba is the administrative and logistic center of the resource-rich Cabo Delgado region.

Population Size: Pemba's population has seen rapid growth, currently estimated at over 200,000 residents. This surge is partly due to the city's economic prospects and its status as an emerging hub for natural gas projects.

Main Economic Activities and Industries: Pemba's economy is diversifying rapidly, driven particularly by the discovery of significant offshore natural gas fields. Traditional sectors include fishing, agriculture, and trade, while tourism is increasingly important. The recent energy developments have attracted international investment, transforming the city's economic landscape.

Transportation Networks and Utilities: The city's transport infrastructure is developing in response to the economic boom. There are road links to other major towns and rural areas of the province. Utilities, including electricity and water supply, are improving to support growing demand, especially in urbanized areas.

Key Infrastructure Points: Ports, Airports, Roads: Pemba has a deep-water port, which is a significant logistical asset for regional trade. Pemba Airport serves domestic and limited international flights. The recent boom has spurred improvements in major road networks enhancing connectivity.

Tourist Attractions: Tourism in Pemba centers around its beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and renowned diving spots, particularly around the Quirimbas Archipelago. The pristine Wimbi Beach is a local highlight. Nearby Niassa Reserve offers wildlife encounters.

Distance to Maputo: Pemba is located roughly 2,700 km northeast of Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. Overland travel between the two cities is lengthy and can take well over 30 hours by road. Air travel is a faster alternative, with flights between Pemba and Maputo taking around 3 hours.

Each section of the fact sheet offers a panoramic view of Pemba, encompassing its environment, development, and growing importance within Mozambique for both economic prospects and natural beauty. The balance of historical context, rapid modern development, and notable challenges provides a snapshot geared towards both potential investors and tourists.

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