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Location of Quelimane -  Capital of Zambezia Province
Location of Quelimane - Capital of Zambezia Province

Quelimane Factsheet

Quelimane is the capital city of Zambézia Province, one of the central provinces of Mozambique, known for its rich cultural tapestry and diverse natural resources.

Location: This coastal city is situated along the Rio dos Bons Sinais (River of Good Signs), approximately 17.88° S latitude and 36.88° E longitude, with the Indian Ocean to the east.

Climate: Quelimane enjoys a tropical monsoon climate, with a wet season from December through March and a drier season the rest of the year. Temperatures are generally high, averaging from 25°C to 30°C annually, combined with high humidity levels.

Brief Historical Background and Status as the Capital: Quelimane has been a longstanding trade port, dating back to Arab and Persian traders before the Portuguese arrival in the 16th century. It became the administrative center of Zambézia Province due to its strategical location and has remained the capital since.

Population Size: Quelimane is home to a diverse population with over 350,000 residents. The city has grown substantially due to urban migration and its role as a provincial economic center.

Main Economic Activities and Industries: Quelimane's economy heavily relies on agriculture, with the surrounding areas cultivating rice, sugarcane, and various fruit products. Its proximity to the Indian Ocean also makes it an integral player in the fishing industry.

Transportation Networks and Utilities: Infrastructure in Quelimane includes essential road systems linking major urban areas and rural regions. Power supply and water systems have been improving, but challenges remain to keep pace with the growing urban demands.

Key Infrastructure Points: Ports, Airports, Roads: The Port of Quelimane handles regional cargo, sustaining the local economy and trade activities. Quelimane Airport provides flights to domestic destinations including the capital Maputo. Vital roadways support economic life, including the main north-south highway of Mozambique.

Tourist Attractions: Quelimane offers a mix of natural and historical attractions, including nearby pristine beaches, colonial-era buildings, and the bustling local market scene. The lush Zalala Beach is a major draw for both locals and visitors.

Distance to Maputo: Quelimane lies approximately 1,500 km northeast of Maputo, the nation's capital. Overland journeys from Maputo to Quelimane by road can span over 24 hours, while air travel significantly reduces this transit time to just over 2 hours.

This fact sheet captures Quelimane as an emergent city with robust historical roots and a strong economic orientation towards agriculture and trade. Its rich cultural life and potential for tourism development are also highlighted, along with improvements in its infrastructure and connectivity, which are pivotal for its growth and integration within the broader national economy.

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