Mozambique tourist routes 

Lagoons and Beaches

A route along the southern coast of Mozambique that starts in Pont de Douro or even on from Santa Lucia in South Africa , and goes up the coast to Vilankulos/Bazaruto Archipelago. This route focuses on coastal eco-tourism and connects the various lakes on the south coast. 

The route combines scenic beauty, beach, water sports, ecosystems and diverse flora and fauna (dunes and forests, coastal lakes, birds, turtles, marine life, etc.).

  • Ponta de Ouro
  • Maputo special reserve
  • Maputo
  • Bilene
  • Chindenguele
  • Zavala
  • Inhambane
  • Pomene
  • Vilanculos
  • Bazuruto Archipelago ( by boat)

Length: 1145 km