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Maputo's Sea Temperatures: When to Take a Dip

Splash Around in Warm Waters

If you're looking to swim in water that's nicely warmed up by the sun, there's a good time of year for that in Maputo. The warm water season lasts about 3.4 months, starting from December and ending on April. During this period, the average water temperature stays above a comfy 26°C. Think tropical island vibes! February is the month that takes the crown for higher water temperatures, boasting an average of 27°C – just right for a swim or a snorkel.

Chillier Water for the Brave

On the other hand, if cooler waters are your thing, or you just fancy a more refreshing swim, then there's a season for that too. This lasts a bit longer, for about 3.6 months, starting from June all the way up to October. During these times, average sea temperatures are below 23°C. August is the coolest in terms of water temperature, with the sea averaging around 22°C. It can be a bit brisk, so it might just be the perfect time for those who like a bit of a shiver when they first jump in!

So, whether you're looking to lounge in balmy waters or enjoy an invigorating dip in cooler temperatures, timing your visit to Maputo is key to getting the sea water experience you prefer.

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