Mozambique Zambia border

The Zambia-Mozambique border
The Zambia-Mozambique border

The Zambia-Mozambique border is relatively short compared to many international borders in Africa. It extends for approximately 419 kilometers (about 260 miles) along the eastern edge of Zambia, separating it from Mozambique's western border.

Geography: The border region is characterized by various terrain features including rivers, mountains, and forests. Notably, the border follows the course of several rivers, including the Luangwa River, which is one of the major tributaries of the Zambezi River. The terrain can be described as mostly rural with a mix of savannah, woodlands, and patches of forest. Due to the natural geography, certain parts of the border might be less accessible, particularly during the rainy season when rivers can flood and roads become impassable.

Main Roads: The principal road connecting Zambia to Mozambique is the T4 in Zambia (Great East Road), which runs from the capital Lusaka towards the eastern province of Zambia, passing through towns like Nyimba and Petauke before reaching the border at Chanida. On the Mozambican side, the road transforms into the EN242, which connects to the main highway network of Mozambique and leads towards its central and northern regions.

Border Posts: The principal border crossing between Zambia and Mozambique is at Chanida in Zambia and Cassacatiza in Mozambique. This crossing is significant for trade and transit between the two countries and is used both for local traffic as well as longer distance transport between the wider regions. 

Trade and transit at the Zambia-Mozambique border is of importance to both nations as they are land-linked countries looking to access ports for international trade. Mozambique, with its lengthy coastline along the Indian Ocean, provides Zambia with access to ports such as Nacala and Beira, which are crucial for imports and exports.

Chanida - Cassacatiza Border Post 

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Embark on an epic road trip stretching roughly 530km east from Zambia's capital, Lusaka, or if you're coming from Mozambique, about 270km north of the bustling hub of Tete. While we don't have the latest street-side scoop, rumors hint at a tarred track that's ready to roll all the way through.

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Heading over for business or other ventures? It's best to chat with a Mozambique Embassy before your travels to ensure everything's squared away.