Maputo location

Where Is Maputo Located?

Maputo is the bustling heart of Mozambique and is the biggest city in the country. It sits by the sea on the south-eastern coast. If we were to pinpoint it on a map using lines of latitude and longitude (which are like the Earth's address system), we'd find it at around 26 degrees South of the equator and 33 degrees East of a line called the Prime Meridian.

Maputo's Place by the Water

The city lies in a spot called Maputo Bay, which is part of the Indian Ocean. The water here is the eastern border of the city, so there's plenty of coast. To the city's north and north-west, you'll find other districts of Mozambique — places called Marracuene and Manhiça. South of Maputo is Matutuíne, and to the west is Moamba. These are like its neighbours in the next streets. Maputo also has nearby international neighbours; it's not far from the countries of South Africa and Eswatini.

A Coastal City with Islands and a Port

Maputo has a pretty coastline with lots of small islands dotting the ocean nearby. These little islands add to the scenic beauty of the place. One of the big features of Maputo is its port. 

Maputo as a Crossroads

This city isn't just a spot on a map; it's a key player in the area. There's a big road called the Maputo Corridor that connects the city to its neighbours. It's like a busy high street that helps people trade goods and travel in and out of the country.

Low and Flat: Maputo's Landscape

The city isn't hilly; it's mostly flat and just above the level of the sea. In some parts, especially as you go north, it gets a little higher. There's also a river called the Maputo River which flows by and adds to the geography of the city.

Maputo is where many paths cross — it's a mix of different cultures, bustling economic activities, and home to varied plants and animals. The place where it sits has shaped its history and how important it is today.