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Location of Chimoio-  Capital of Manica Province
Location of Chimoio- Capital of Manica Province

Tete Factsheet

Tete is the capital of Tete Province, one of the largest provinces in Mozambique, recognized for its vast mineral resources and strategic location.

Location: Tete is situated in the northwest part of Mozambique, on the banks of the Zambezi River, and is approximately located at 16.16° S latitude and 33.58° E longitude.

Climate: The climate in Tete is classified as a tropical savanna climate. Characterized by hot temperatures year-round, Tete often experiences temperatures exceeding 30°C. The city has a well-defined wet season from November to March and a dry season from April to October.

Brief Historical Background and Status as the Capital: Established as a trading post by the Portuguese in the 16th century, Tete has been an important military and commercial site for centuries. Today, it is the economic center of the Tete Province, which is rich in coal and other minerals.

Population Size: Tete has witnessed rapid population growth in recent years and now has a population estimated to be over 150,000. The boom is largely due to the mining sector attracting workers from various regions.

Main Economic Activities and Industries: The primary driver of Tete's economy is mining, particularly coal, which is among the largest reserves in the world. In addition to mining, the city has businesses related to construction and services to support the industry and a growing population.

Transportation Networks and Utilities: Tete has a key position close to the Zambezi River, which serves as a transportation route. The city's roads and bridges, like the Samora Machel Bridge and the Unity Bridge, are also crucial for trade, particularly connecting Mozambique with landlocked neighbors such as Malawi and Zambia.

Key Infrastructure Points: Ports, Airports, Roads: Although Tete is landlocked, its port on the Zambezi River is an important transit point. Furthermore, Tete's Chingozi Airport caters to regional air travel. The city is a junction of several national highways, enhancing its connectivity.

Tourist Attractions: While mining dominates, Tete has attractions such as the Tete Suspension Bridge, Sao Tiago Fort, and the local craft markets. Natural sights include the Cahora Bassa Dam and reservoir, one of Africa's largest artificial lakes, which offers boating and fishing.

Distance to Maputo: Tete is approximately 1,650 km from Maputo along major roads. By car, it typically takes around 20 hours to cover this distance. Flight services considerably reduce this travel time and connect Tete with Mozambique's capital city.

This fact sheet presents Tete as a city of significant economic importance, hosting some of the richest mineral deposits in the region, driving not only local but international investment. Its developing infrastructure and unique tourist attractions reflect a city with rich historical significance and emerging global relevance.

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