Mozambique Gaza Province

The 10 provinces of Mozambique
The 10 provinces of Mozambique

Gaza Province Fact Sheet

Gaza is a province in southern Mozambique known for its rich agricultural land, expansive savannas, and wildlife.

General Description: Gaza is characterized by stretches of savanna, wetlands, and is home to part of the Limpopo River Basin. The province plays a crucial role in agriculture for the country, and it has historically provided substantial food crops for both domestic consumption and export. The Limpopo National Park, which forms part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park (a conservation area that crosses international borders), offers significant biodiversity and attracts eco-tourists.

Surface Area: The province has an approximate surface area of 75,709 square kilometers, making it relatively large in Mozambique's provincial context.

Geographical Limits:

  • North: Inhambane province borders Gaza to the north.
  • South: To the south, the province shares a border with South Africa's Mpumalanga province.
  • West: It is also bordered by Zimbabwe to the west.
  • East: Gaza has a shoreline along the Indian Ocean to the east, with the coastal city of Xai-Xai as the provincial capital.

Main Cities:

  • Xai-Xai, the capital city, is also the primary urban center in Gaza and offers both an administrative hub and a beach resort destination.
  • Other notable towns include Chókwè, which is an important agricultural center, and Macia, a growing market town.

Number of Districts: Gaza province is divided into 11 districts.

Name of Districts: These are Bilene, Chibuto, Chigubo, Chókwè, Guijá, Limpopo, Mabalane, Manjacaze, Mapai, Massangena, and Massingir.

Climate: Gaza features a semi-arid to sub-humid climate with a distinct rainy season from November to March, during which most of its annual precipitation occurs. The dry season from April to October sees very little rainfall. Climate conditions can be particularly harsh in the interior, while the coastal regions enjoy a milder climate.

Population: The province is home to about 1.4 million people, making it moderately populated within Mozambique.

Languages: Portuguese is the official language in Gaza, but Tsonga (Shangaan) is the most commonly spoken local language and reflects the ethnic makeup of most of the province's inhabitants.

Major Products: Gaza's economy is mainly agricultural, with crops such as rice, cashew nuts, and various fruits being grown extensively. Livestock farming is also a significant economic activity. The province has been developing its tourism potential linked to both its coastal resources and the Limpopo National Park.

Main Roads: The EN1 is the key highway running through Gaza, linking the province with Maputo to the south and the rest of the country to the north.

Main Airport: While Gaza does not have a major international airport, local airfields serve smaller, chartered flights. Travelers typically access the province by road or use airports in neighboring provinces, with Inhambane and Maputo being primary choices.

Distance from Xai-Xai to Capital Maputo by Road: Xai-Xai is approximately 224 kilometers north of Maputo. Typically, it takes about 3 to 4 hours to travel this distance by road, which can vary with road conditions and vehicle type.

Gaza province serves not only as an agricultural heartland for Mozambique but also as a point of interest for conservation and eco-tourism, given its diverse wildlife and conservation areas. The province's natural resources, from its rich lands to its wildlife, make it a valuable part of Mozambique's economic and environmental landscape.

Map of Gaza Province

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