Mozambique currency 

Metical (MZN)

The currency of Mozambique is the Mozambican metical (MZN), which was introduced in 1980 to replace the previous currency, the escudo. The metical is divided into 100 centavos.

The current series of banknotes in circulation were introduced in 2011 and feature images of Mozambican cultural and historical landmarks, as well as notable figures in the country's history. The denominations of banknotes in circulation are 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1000 meticais.

In terms of exchange rates, the Mozambican metical has historically been a relatively weak currency. As of August 2021, one US dollar is equivalent to approximately 63.5 meticais. However, the value of the metical can fluctuate depending on a variety of economic and political factors.

Any recognised currency can be exchanged at banks and Foreign Exchange Bureaux, while credit cards and travellers cheques in US dollars and South African rand are widely accepted. Most city banks have ATM machines from which local currency may be withdrawn at any time.