Mozambique flag

The flag of Mozambique 

features three horizontal stripes in green, black and yellow, separated by narrow white stripes. Superimposed on the bands is a red isosceles triangle, inside which there lies a golden five-pointed star with a book in its center. This rifle represents the country's armed struggle for liberation and sovereignty. The colors of the flag have special meaning according to the constitution of Republic of Mozambique: Red stands for resistance against colonialism; Black signifies the African continent; Green denotes richness soil; Golden-yellow symbolizes wealth beneath ground; White means peace eventually achieved after hard struggles. 

The star represents solidarity between peoples, the AK-47 weapon with bayonet once again symbolizes armed struggle and the defense of the country, the book recalls education for a better country and the hoe, agriculture. It is the only flag in the world to include an illustration of a modern rifle.