Maputo Avenida Marginal

Scenic Route and Coastal Beauty

The Avenida Marginal is one of the most renowned and scenic roads in Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique. This street runs along the coast, offering stunning views of the Indian Ocean and access to numerous beaches and recreational areas.

Key Landmarks and Route Dimensions

Starting and Ending Points: Avenida Marginal begins near the port area of Maputo and extends along the coast to the southern parts of the city. The exact starting point may vary due to urban planning and infrastructural developments, but it is commonly identified near the Fish Market (Mercado do Peixe) or by the well-known Polana Serena Hotel. The endpoint is typically around the Costa do Sol area, a popular beach neighborhood with a variety of restaurants and leisure facilities.Length: The precise length of Avenida Marginal can slightly vary depending on various factors, but it is generally between 6 to 8 kilometers in length. This makes it a popular route for pedestrians, joggers, and cyclists.

Geographical Context

Location: Geographically, Avenida Marginal runs along the southern part of Maputo Bay (Baía de Maputo). The street is situated in the Polana Cimento district in Maputo and follows a path parallel to the coast. It traverses different neighborhoods, providing access to landmarks as well as business districts.

A Center for Leisure and Exercise

The road is famed for its beautiful surroundings and relaxed vibe, with the ocean view on one side and a lineup of embassies, hotels, and restaurants on the other. The terrain is mostly flat, which, along with the sea breeze, creates ideal conditions for outdoor activities. 

Safety Precautions for Joggers at Avenida Marginal, Maputo:  When jogging along Avenida Marginal in Maputo, safety is paramount. Joggers should remain alert to traffic, especially during early morning or evening runs, and run against traffic to better see oncoming vehicles.  Familiarity with the area helps identify safe places along the route, and minimizing valuables deters theft.