Mozambique FAQ

What is the country code of Mozambique ?

The country code for Mozambique is +258. 

What is the mozambique capital city ?

The capital city of Mozambique is Maputo.

What is the mozambique driving side ?

In Mozambique, people drive on the left-hand side of the road.

What are the best Mozambique holiday destinations ?

What is the currency in Mozambique ?

The currency of Mozambique is the Mozambican metical (MZN). 

Mozambique's currency to rand 

Mozambique national language ?

The national language of Mozambique is Portuguese. 

What are mozambique neighbouring countries ?

Mozambique is bordered by 5 countries:

  1. Tanzania to the north
  2. Malawi and Zambia to the northwest
  3. Zimbabwe to the west
  4. Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) to the southwest
  5. South Africa to the south

What is mozambique national dish ?

One national dish of Mozambique is called "matapa". It is a traditional dish made with cassava leaves, ground peanuts, garlic, coconut milk, and spices. 

How is the mozambique number plate  ?

image Wikipedia
image Wikipedia

In Mozambique, the number plates on vehicles have a white background with black lettering. The format of the number plates consists of three letters followed by three numbers, with a space between the letters and numbers. The first letter on the number plate indicates the province where the vehicle is registered. For example, number plates starting with the letter "A" are registered in the province of Maputo, while number plates starting with the letter "B" are registered in the province of Gaza.