Mozambique immigration border posts (road)

Please cross-check the current status and hours of operation of the border post before you start your journey

Kosi Bay - Ponta do Ouro Border Post 

South African border

Imagine this: You're chilling in Northern KwaZulu-Natal, maybe 400km up from the buzz of Durban, South Africa, and guess what? You're just a breezy 20-minute drive from the vibes of Ponta do Ouro in Mozambique.

Now, if you're part of the South African crew or you're from the SADC family, cruising through this border post is a breeze – no visa needed for a sweet 30-day stay! But, hey, if you're jetting in from other corners of the world, Ponta do Ouro's got your back with visas on arrival. Just remember to bring along something that says, "Yep, I'm here for the fun and sun!" These easygoing visas give you 30 days of adventures, with a chance to stretch it to a chill 60 days if you're just not ready to say goodbye.

But, my fellow travelers, here's the heads-up: the road to this border is on the rugged side. If you're driving after a good rain, you might want a trusty vehicle that can handle a little mud – think high clearance or 4x4 vibes. It's always a smart move to give the border post a ring to check the road conditions before you hit the road.

So, grab your hats and sunglasses, and let's make some memories crossing into Mozambique's welcoming arms! Safe travels, friends!

Hours of Operation: Daily from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Note: We are not open round-the-clock during the holiday season)

Contact Phone (South Africa): +27 (0)35 592 9181

Location Coordinates: Latitude -26.864252, Longitude 32.829391

Lebombo - Ressano Garcia border post 

South African border

Picture this: starting off in Nelspruit, South Africa, you're a mere hundred clicks from the hum of Maputo, Mozambique. Sounds like the perfect little getaway, right?

For all you South African locals and the SADC family, sailing through this border post doesn't require a visa for stays up to 30 days – how awesome is that? And for our international pals, Ressano Garcia welcomes you with a friendly visa on arrival. Just a heads-up to bring proof that you're here to soak up the sights or just kick back and relax. They'll hook you up with a 30-day pass with the option to extend the good times for another 30 days if you're in full-on holiday mode.

But here's the deal – this spot can get buzzing, especially around weekends, Christmas, and Easter! It's non-stop, open 24/7 during those festive seasons (check Mozambique.co.mz for the details). If waiting isn't your thing and you want a change of scenery, why not take a little detour through Swaziland? It's an adventure in itself!

Oh, and guess what? This is no off-road track. You're cruising on tar all the way through, baby. So, pack your bags, crank up your favorite tunes, and let's hit the road – next stop, Maputo! Here's to smooth travels and unforgettable moments!

Operating Hours: Open daily from 6:00 AM to 12:00 AM (midnight). 24-hour operation on Christmas and Easter.

Contact Numbers: +27 (0)13-7937029 / 7311 (South Africa); +258 21 550 010 (Mozambique)

Geographical Coordinates: Latitude -25.443076, Longitude 31.986665

Giriyondo Border post - Your Gateway to the Wild Side 

Swaziland border

What's up, adventure seekers and wildlife enthusiasts!  Ready for a bush-to-beach route that's straight out of a traveler's daydream? Well, get your gear packed because the Giriyondo Border is your golden ticket! 

Nestled inside the magnificent Kruger National Park in South Africa, this border is a stone's throw away from the rustic town of Massingir (just 80km of scenic drive) and a hop, skip, and a jump (about 200km) to the heartbeat of Chokwe in Mozambique.

Before you jump into your 4x4, here's a hot tip: third-party vehicle insurance isn't up for grabs at this border. No worries, though – you can snag it at Massingir Gate or even easier, get it sorted online before you hit the road. Check Mozambique.co.mz to have it all set up, so you're good to go without a hitch.

Oh, and make sure to book at least one night's accommodation in the transfrontier park, whether it's cozied up in Kruger, lounging in Limpopo National Park, or chilling at a lodgy vibe like Covane Community Lodge. It's a must to bounce through this border – plus, you'll get to wake up in paradise!

Keep it cool – this traverse is for tourists only, so commercial vehicles have to take a different path. All about that vacay flow!

Heading in from Moz, get ready for a bit of a gravel grind after the border post until you touch down at the majestic Massingir Dam Wall. It can get a tad slippery when the rains pour, so a 4x4 might just be your best friend.

For my fellow South African and SADC citizens, cruising through for up to 30 days is visa-free – just how we like it! And for all the global souls out there, Giriyondo's got your visa on arrival. Just flash that documentation showing you're there to soak in the Mozambican sun, and you're all set for a 30-day slice of heaven with a chance to double down if you just can't get enough.

So, there you have it! Giriyondo is your adventure pass, wrapped up in the promise of wild memories and spectacular sunsets. Let's turn those travel dreams into reality. Safe travels and catch you on the flip side of the wilderness!

Hours of Operation:

- From 1st October to 31st March: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

- From 1st April to 30th September: 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Contact Number: +27 (0) 13-735 8919 (South Africa)

Location Coordinates: Latitude -23.583889, Longitude 31.660031

Goba border post : Your Eastward Adventure Awaits 

Swaziland border

Imagine this: You're in Swaziland, perhaps strolling the streets of Mbabane. Now set your sights about 223km east – that's where you'll find the Mhlumeni crossing, waiting to whisk you away towards the bustling scenes of Maputo, merely 90km to the southeast.

While we're a bit short on the latest road intel, whispers in the wind suggest you're looking at smooth tar all the way—a ribbon unwinding through the landscape, leading you straight to adventure.

Quick tip: Swaziland takes its agriculture seriously, especially when it comes to Foot and Mouth Disease. So, remember, if you're thinking of packing some biltong for the road, you might need to rethink your snacks. They're pretty strict on meaty goods crossing borders here.

For the Swazi stars and SADC citizens, this border post is your hassle-free gateway to Mozambique – no visa needed for trips up to 30 days. It's like having a fast pass to exploration and relaxation.

Now, to all you wonderful wanderers from across the seas, Goba's got you covered with visas on arrival. Pack a bit of paperwork to show your intentions of tourist times and leisurely lays, and you're in for a 30-day treat. And hey, if Mozambique's charisma captures your heart, you can always extend your visit for up to 60 days more.

But if you've got business or other non-touristy quests in mind, better to play it safe: get that visa sorted with the Mozambique Embassy before you embark.

Operating Hours: Open daily from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Namaacha border post: Smooth Sailing with a Side of Adventure 

Swaziland border

Just imagine you're in Mbabane, soaking in the laid-back vibes of Swaziland's capital. Now, set your GPS for a 135km dash northeast to where the open road calls at the Lomahasha crossing. And hey, Namaacha is no sleepy town; you're right there in the thick of it, just about 82km from the heart of Maputo City.

The journey? Mostly a smooth tarmac dream, peppered with the occasional pothole to keep things interesting. And for those driving into Swaziland: watch out for those sneaky speed bumps and keep an eye on the speedometer where limits are enforced like a referee at a derby match.

Swazi friends and SADC companions can cruise through this border post visa-free for any jaunt up to a delightful 30 days. It's the perfect excuse to indulge in a spontaneous road trip or a leisurely exploration at your own pace.

As for you global rovers, Namaacha welcomes you with visas ready to stamp on arrival. Bring a sprinkle of documents to show that you're there for the good times, the sights, the sounds, and the relaxation. Dive into Mozambique for 30 days, with the option to stretch it out another 60 if you just can't get enough.

Remember, if you're swinging by for non-touristy reasons, it's time for a little paperwork prep—get in touch with a Mozambique Embassy before you head out to ensure your visa situation is as smooth as your travel plans.

Ready for a getaway that promises more than just a change of scenery? The Lomahasha - Namaacha border is your ticket to a journey filled with new discoveries. So keep your eyes on the road, your heart open to adventure, and your travel bug satisfied with every mile. Drive on, dear adventurers, the memories await!

Hours of Operation: Open from 7:00 AM to 12:00 AM (midnight) every day.

Sango - Chicualacuala border post - your Rough-Road Adventure Starts Here

Zimbabwe border

Hey there, globetrotters and lovers of the great outdoors!  Let's chat about the crossing point:  Sango - Chicualacuala border post. Tucked away in the untamed beauty of Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe, it's a stone's throw from its Mozzie cousin, the vast Gonarezhou Transfrontier Park.

First thing's first: expect to trade tarmac for gravel 'cause most of this journey's on the rustic side. These roads are a-okay when it's dry, but come rainy season? Well, let's say it's time to put your 4x4 skills to the test with some muddy fun and the occasional impromptu river crossing. In Zimbabwe, your gravel escapade starts at the turnoffs from Chiredzi, Rutenga, or Mwenezi, and it won't quit 'til you've rolled up to the border post. Once you high-five the border officers and head into Mozambique, you've got about 275km more of raw road until you're cruising near Chokwe – with about 45km to go, roads start getting smoother. So, adventurers, pack your gear, prep your ride, and brace yourselves for an incredible journey through the raw and real landscapes that lead you straight into the heart of Mozambique. The open road and untamed wilderness await! Let's make some epic travel tales, shall we? Happy trails, everyone!

Here's a handy bit of info if you're planning to meander through the charming Sango - Chicualacuala border post. For my Zimbabwean pals and everyone in the SADC family, guess what? You get to enjoy a breezy 30-day stay with absolutely no visa fuss – just pure, unbridled travel joy. But hey, if you're jetting in from other parts of the globe, no need to sweat it. Chicualacuala Border Post has got your back with smooth visas on arrival. Just remember to bring along a little proof that you're all about exploring and unwinding in Mozambique, and you'll be all set for a 30-day adventure with the option to extend your stay for even more unforgettable experiences.

Operating Hours: Every day from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Geographical Position: Latitude -22.071750, Longitude 31.681125

Forbes - Machipanda Border Post: Smooth Sailing Ahead 

Zimbabwe border

Picture this: you're on the outskirts of Mutare, Zimbabwe, ready for some new stamps in your passport. Just a hop, skip, and a jump away (about 90km to be exact), the city of Chimoio in Mozambique is calling your name. And the best part? The drive is a smooth ride on a tarred highway all the way through. It's like they rolled out the red carpet just for you!

For my Zimbabwean buddies and the wider SADC gang, you're in for a treat. If you're swinging by for a quick visit – say, 30 days or less – you don't need to bother with a visa. Just pack your bags and get ready for the good times!

Now for our global friends out there, Machipanda is all set to stamp your passport with a visa on arrival. Just show 'em a little proof that you're there to soak up some sun, catch some waves, or whatever floats your holiday boat. They'll hook you up with 30 days of Mozambique magic, with a chance to stick around for another 30 if you're having too much fun to leave.

If your plans are more on the 'business' side of things, it's a smart idea to pop by a Mozambique Embassy before you set off, to make sure all your ducks are in a row. So, whether you're gearing up for a city break in Chimoio or craving some beach time, the Forbes - Machipanda crossing is your gateway to an unforgettable escape. Let's get those vacay vibes going and create memories to last a lifetime! Drive safe and enjoy every moment of your adventure!

Hours of Operation: Open daily from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM (

Contact Numbers: +263 (020) 63003 / 67532 - Zimbabwe

Location Coordinates: Latitude -19.005109, Longitude 32.713873

Nyampanda - Cochemane border post: Your Paved Path to New Experiences 

Zimbabwe border

Are you daydreaming about an escape that takes you from the familiarity of Harare, Zimbabwe, to the vibrant energy of Mozambique? A place where the road unfurls before you, just begging you to discover its secrets? You'll find that kind of thrill at the Nyampanda - Cochemane border crossing.

Picture this: you're just 125km northeast of Harare's hustle and bustle – that's just a morning's drive away – and you're almost close enough to hear the buzz from the Changara turn off in Mozambique, which is a mere 50km after the border. The best part? You're cruising on tarred roads that make for a comfy and relaxed journey.

The whole stretch is good to go, and while we don't have the nitty-gritty on every kilometre of the road, you can expect a smooth sailing vibe for the most part. Just make sure to keep an eye on those road signs and stay informed about local conditions – you know, just in case.

If your passport hails from Zimbabwe or anywhere within the SADC galaxy, you're in luck. No visa is needed for a casual 30-day layover – it's all about spontaneous adventures and impromptu explorations.

Not a local? No problem! Rock up to the Cochemane Border Post, and they'll sort you out with a visa on arrival. Got your travel docs to show you're there for the tropical chill or the tourist hustle? Then you're golden for a 30-day stint with a bonus option to tag on another 30 if Mozambique's charm lures you to linger longer.

Operating Hours: Daily from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM 

Geographical Position: Latitude -16.963833, Longitude 32.862678

Mwanza - Zobue Border Post : Your Highway to Discovery 

Zimbabwe border

Let's talk about crossing from the heart of Malawi into the soulful embrace of Mozambique!

Just buckle up in Blantyre, and after a scenic drive about 95km west, you'll find yourself at the warm gateway of Mwanza. Now, fix your gaze northeast towards Tete in Mozambique, only about 118km from this spot – that's where the next chapter of your journey unfolds. Rest assured, you'll be gliding over tarred roads that'll make your venture as smooth as Malawi's famous teas.

Just a little heads up, though: while we're all about that stress-free, tarred-road-loving life, always keep an alert eye out for any updates on those specific road conditions. After all, even the best roads can throw a surprise or two your way!

Here's the sweet deal for Malawian neighbors and all SADC citizens – you guys get to waltz through Mwanza - Zobue without the whole visa song and dance ... for stays up to 30 days.

For everyone else packing bags around the globe, Zobue Border Post will have that visa ready for you right as you roll up. Just make sure you've got the paperwork to show you're in town for those vacation smiles and leisurely miles. You'll be set with a 30-day stamp to start off, and hey, if Mozambique's vibe gets you, you've got an open invite to extend for another 30 days.

Should your travels have a tad more 'official' flavor, reach out to a Mozambique Embassy to get your visa pre-travel. It's like making sure you've packed your toothbrush – better safe than sorry!

Hours of Operation: Open from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM

GPS Location: Latitude -15.585941, Longitude 34.439072

Chanida - Cassacatiza Border Posts 

Zambia  border

Embark on an epic road trip stretching roughly 530km east from Zambia's capital, Lusaka, or if you're coming from Mozambique, about 270km north of the bustling hub of Tete. While we don't have the latest street-side scoop, rumors hint at a tarred track that's ready to roll all the way through.

Your Visa-Free Passport to Adventure

Zambians and the wider SADC community, you're in for a treat! Wave goodbye to visa paperwork for any visit up to 30 days – that's a full month of freewheeling exploration and memory-making at your fingertips.

Global Wanderers, Welcome to Mozambique!

For the rest of our intrepid international travelers, Cassacatiza extends a warm 'hello' with visas issued as soon as you step up to the border. Make sure to pack a bit of proof that your stay is all about capturing those tourist snapshots or savoring the laid-back lifestyle. You get a 30-day pass with a chance to double down for another 30 if Mozambique's vibe has you hooked.

A Head's Up for the Road Less Traveled

Heading over for business or other ventures? It's best to chat with a Mozambique Embassy before your travels to ensure everything's squared away.

 Muloza border post : Where Adventure is Just Around the Corner 

Malawi  border

Fancy a little jaunt south of the majestic Mulanje Mountain Forest Reserve? There's the lesser-known, but oh-so-inviting border post, waiting to be part of your next travel tale.

Feast your eyes on the silhouette of the Mulanje Mountain as you set out from Blantyre, cruising southeast for about 95km. Before you know it, you're standing at the crossroads between Malawi and Mozambique, with the quaint town of Milange just a mere 3km away. The journey may be paved with unknowns when it comes to road type and condition, but hey, that's where the adventure begins, right?

So, a couple of travel tips before you get those engine revs going. Keep an open mind and prepare for the open road, whether it's a smooth tar or a bumpy gravel. Adventures come in all surfaces, after all!

For the SADC family, including Malawian citizens, no visas are needed for stays under a month. It's kind of like getting a free pass to explore, relax, or simply breathe in new cultures for 30 wonderful days.

All you global nomads, crossing from further afield, Milange's got your visas ready at arrival. Flash some simple proof of your quest for tourism treasures or leisure pleasure, and that 30-day welcome mat is rolled out for you. And if you find yourself falling for Mozambique's charms (we wouldn't blame you!), you can always ask to stick around for another 30.

Now, if your compass points you to Mozambique for reasons beyond the usual tourist routes, no stress – just swing by a Mozambique Embassy for the proper paperwork before your journey.

Operating Hours: Daily from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Mandimba border post : A Gravel-Paved Gateway to Adventure

Malawi  border

Hey there, off-the-beaten-path explorers and cross-border adventurers! Are you ready to add a dash of the unexpected to your travel diary? Let's shine a spotlight on a little spot most maps might just whisper about: the Chipode - Mandimba border post.

Just a quick jaunt, about 55km east of the lakeshore town of Mangochi in Malawi, lies your route to adventure. Almost within earshot, a mere 3km away, the local hub of Mandimba in Mozambique eagerly awaits your arrival. Now, while we can't pin down the exact complexion of this road – we've got a road less traveled vibe, unpaved and full of potential twists, turns, and, yes, gravelly goodness.

So, keep your sense of adventure primed and your vehicle ready for a bit of a rugged embrace from Mother Nature. It's all part of the charm when it comes to exploring the borders beyond the beaten tracks!

For the Malawian locals and the SADC tribe, breezing through this border is as easy as pie – enjoy up to 30 days of visa-free meanderings and delightful discoveries. If you're coming from lands afar, Mandimba's ready to roll out the red carpet with a visa on arrival. Bring along that snapshot of your travel itinerary or a proof of your leisurely pursuits, and you'll score a 30-day golden ticket to create memories in Mozambique. Feeling entwined with the local vibes? Extend your stay for another 30 days to make the most of it!

Ready for a journey and not just a holiday? For any other reasons that bring you to this sun-kissed land, make sure to talk things through with a Mozambique Embassy to get your visa ducks in a row before you set off.

Operating Hours: Daily from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Mtambaswala - Negomano border Post

Tanzania  border

Be Prepared for the Road Less Paved.

Before you hit the open road, let's talk conditions. From Mueda to the doorstep of the border, gear up for a gravel road adventure. Good news though: there are plans to smooth things over with tar, and progress is on the horizon. In the rainy season, even the burliest 4x4s will find this stretch of the journey a test of mettle, but come dry season, it's smooth sailing – or should we say, driving?

Once you've waved goodbye to Mozambique, a brief gravel greeting on the Tanzanian side soon gives way to the welcome hug of tarred roads again. And that ferry that used to be the only way across the river? There's a shiny new bridge in town now, making your cross-border jaunt easier than ever.

Visas Made Easy for SADC and Tanzanian Travelers

For you proud Tanzanians and the SADC community, there's no need for a visa for stays up to 30 days—just pack your bags and set your sights on new adventures.

Worldly Wanderers, Get Your Welcome Stamp

Travelers from the world over, step up to the plate at Negomano and get greeted with a visa on arrival. Just a little travel tip: bring documentation that says you're here for those unforgettable tourist moments or to unwind in leisurely bliss. Immerse yourself in Mozambique's allure for 30 days, with a potential chapter extension of 60 more if you're not ready to say goodbye.

Crossing Borders for Business or Beyond

Thinking of a reason to visit outside the typical tourist trail? Ensure a stress-free entry by securing the appropriate visa from a Mozambique Embassy, either in your homeland or one of the neighboring nations before you kickstart your engines.